The Paloma Foundation is a Canadian private charitable foundation, primarily focused on assisting registered charitable organizations in the Greater Toronto Area that provide critical intervention programs for the homeless living in Toronto’s downtown core.

Funding Focus

The Paloma Foundation funds programs for homeless populations in under-served communities in the downtown Toronto core. Our focus is on the critical intervention programs of front-line registered charitable organizations. By playing a more active social currency role, we hope to encourage collaboration among the organizations we fund in order to enhance the impact of our resources.

Learn more about our mandate and priorities, our funding criteria, and our funding procedures.

Partnership Resources

The Paloma Foundation has partnered on occasion with donees on projects that address some of the common challenges that impact the social service sector as a whole. Learn more.

Learning Series

The Paloma – Youth Shelters Learning Series on Mental Health and Addiction Disorders is a shelters-led program of training sessions to equip shelter staff with the skills to respond to the increasing numbers of youth with mental health and addiction problems who are using the shelters. You can watch videos from the sessions and browse the resources on this site.

Participatory Program Evaluation

Working Together: The Paloma-Wellesley Guide to Participatory Program Evaluation is a tool to help non-profits conduct evaluations that reflect the organization’s values and range of stakeholders. The Guide features practical steps and processes, supported by numerous tools and resources. Aussi disponible en francais.