At the workshop on November 12, 2014, a diverse panel of experts presented in-depth information about many of the complex issues surrounding addictions.  Included is a rich history of Canadian drug policy; practices and emerging trends; effects of drugs on the body; street drugs and prescription medications; drug interactions; emergency procedures for overdoses; risks; and, harm reduction history; practice; and varied approaches.

This workshop includes a wealth of information and varied perspectives delivered by a number of highly specialized professionals as well as those with lived experience dealing with the complex issues surrounding addictions; harm reduction philosophy and practices; drugs and drug users; and the challenges for staff dealing with these issues on a daily basis.

This is the first session in the series to include the unique, authentic voices of those that have lived experience as residents in shelters.  We have concealed their identities in order to respect their input, while still maintaining their anonymity.


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Resources for Further Information and Support

All of the speakers in this session provided additional resources including:

“The First Seven Minutes” [YouTube]

Addiction Harm Reduction Strategies – Articles

Addiction Harm Reduction Strategies – Powerpoints