On October 28th, 2014 and January 27th, 2015, Lara Hollway and Tamara Daniel had the opportunity to present at the Paloma Learning Series on the subject of recovery and mental health. In these sessions, Tamara and Lara explored the recovery model from the perspective of workers in youth shelters. Identifying that working from a recovery framework means connecting on a human to human level with the youth one is working with, the series aimed to provide both theoretical and practical supports to those working with youth in distress.

Topics included the history of the recovery movement, the use (and misuse) of language in mental heath, strategies for working with those who hear voices and/or have unusual beliefs, various methods that promote hope, and building environments that promote recovery. This was a powerful series that had participants drawing on and sharing their own experiences, both professional and personal. Participants left with recovery tool kits to bring back to their shelters, and new strategies for engaging with youth who are struggling with mental health and living in Toronto’s youth shelter system.

The material is licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution – Non- Commercial – Share Alike License. 
The views expressed in the workshops are not necessarily shared by the Paloma Foundation or any party associated with the creation of the web series.


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