At the workshop on November 18, 2010, Dr. Ginsburg presented his model of resilience to a large group of workers from Toronto’s youth shelters. The sessions were lively and interactive, with all participants engaged in learning from each other and Dr. Ginsburg. The video and supplementary materials distributed at the workshop are available free of charge.

Dr. Ginsburg’s resilience model is based on “the belief that the best means of reducing risk is to build upon the existing strengths of the youth we work with and to guide them toward the supports and resources they need to become competent, fully-prepared adults. It is also anchored in behavioural models that propose that people make decisions towards health-promoting change, internal motivations to drive them towards change, and the skill-sets to be able to take action toward and then maintain their healthier behaviours.” (From the Introduction in Resilience and Strength-Based Interviewing, Assessment, and Brief Interventions)


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Resources for Further Information and Support

Dr. Ginsburg`s web site Fostering Resilience: Preparing children and teens to thrive through both good and challenging times includes information on the 7C`s, essential components of his model, and special items for teens and professionals.

As well, Dr. Ginsburg has recommended some other resources:

web sites including:

and a video produced by TVO’s The Agenda with one of the Learning Series partners, Youth Without Shelter, on resilience: