Evening Presentation

At the evening presentation on November 14, 2012 in the Nancy Theatre at the YWCA Elm Centre, Dr. Michael Dan, Founding Trustee of the Paloma Foundation began by sharing a brief history of the Paloma Foundation, its funding mandate and objectives. He then introduced Dr. Gabor Maté to the audience of 160 frontline staff, supervisors, and board members from the Toronto youth shelters, as well as other Paloma donees.

Dr. Maté identified the issues surrounding vicarious trauma and how it affects those who work with traumatized populations on a daily basis. Through personal anecdotes and selected readings from some of his award-winning books, Dr. Maté shared his extensive knowledge and experience, having responded to the extreme levels of stress and trauma of his patients throughout his years as a physician and psychotherapist.

See Dr. Maté’s Vicarious Trauma Workshop as well.


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