At the workshop on November 15, 2012, Dr. Maté presented an in-depth analysis of vicarious trauma – including definitions, myths, and realities of trauma and vicarious trauma, as well as the sources and triggers for stress, its physiology, and how to release it. Dr. Maté integrated meditation, music, and excerpts from two of his books, into lively and interactive sessions, with all participants engaged in learning from each other and Dr. Maté.

See Dr. Maté’s Evening Presentation as well.


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Resources for Further Information and Support

Dr. Gabor Maté’s website provides information on his books, as well as access to numerous of his articles, interviews, whether in print, audio or video, and blog entries. A list of Links and Resources highlights research, organizations, individuals, programs, publications, memoirs, and
mentors that Dr. Maté recommends.

His books include: