Our Mandate and Priorities

The Paloma Foundation is a Canadian private charitable foundation, primarily focused on assisting registered charitable front-line organizations in the Greater Toronto Area that provide critical intervention programs for homeless populations in under-served communities in the downtown Toronto core.

The Paloma Foundation has found that the best results are achieved when we partner with smaller, community-based organizations, offering partner charities our time, expertise, and access to our contacts within the broader community. By playing a more active ‘social currency‘ role, we hope to encourage collaboration among the organizations we have supported in order to enhance the impact of our resources and of their programs.

To address some of the shared challenges in organizations we support, our partnerships have created a guide on participatory program evaluation and a shelters-led training program, the Paloma – Youth Shelters Learning Series on Mental Health and Addiction Disorders. Our key agenda at this time is to continue developing these front-line learning series in partnership with organizations with which we have built longstanding and ongoing relations.

Continuing Relationship

A fundamental component of The Paloma Foundation’s philosophy is the long-term relationships that we look to establish with the organizations to which we provide program support. By linking these organizations to expertise within the Foundation, and to the wider community, we can offer additional program support. This sharing of social currency enhances the core strengths of our funding partnerships.