The Paloma Foundation today partners with past grant recipients and others in the field on projects that address some of the common challenges that impact the social service sector as a whole.

Working Together: Paloma-Wellesley Participatory Program Evaluation Guide
The Paloma Foundation partnership with the Wellesley Institute and the Bombardier Foundation, resulted in two publications: Working Together: Paloma/Wellesley Participatory Program Evaluation Guide and Travailler Ensemble: Le guide Paloma-Wellesley d’évaluation participative de programme. The Guide provides a framework and process that support a participatory evaluation from beginning to end. With a clear focus on improving services for clients and the engagement of diverse groups of stakeholders, the Guide can also help organizations better understand their program strengths, successes, and challenges.

Paloma – Youth Shelters Learning Series on Mental Health and Addiction Disorders

The Series was launched in 2010, offering training designed and led by shelter management to address topics targeted at the specific needs of youth shelter staff. Videos of the sessions and associated resources for each session are accessible on this site.